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The Trail

Four waymarkers have been installed in and around Emsworth each of the same basic design but with an individual plaque in the base representing different aspects of life in past times.


Begin the trail on the Quay at the bottom of South Street near the Old Mill which is now the Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club


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Waymarker 1: The Quay

Basal Motif: Fishing & the sea

Situated on the Mill Pond wall, the first waymarker stands near the tidal mill where Quay Mill was constructed after 1760 which supplied flour to the Navy, Portsmouth and London. This waymarker has a bronze cast of oysters at its base. Emsworth was an important area for Oyster beds, the trade being formally recognised in the 1870's by the establishment of the Emsworth Oysters Dredgers Cooperative. The oyster industry died in 1902 during the Great Oyster Scare after guests at a Winchester banquet became ill and the Dean of Westminster died!

Waymarker 2: The Square

Basal Motif: The Ancient Market

Situated within the historic St Peter's Square, waymarker 2 has fruit and vegetables depicted in the cast bronze cast at its base. To find Waymarker 2 travel approximately 215 metres northwards up South Street to St Peter's Square. The inspiration for this was taken from Emsworth's long history of markets on this site. In a charter of 1239, right was granted to hold a market every Wednesday which was sited where St Peter's Square is now.

Waymarker 3: Pedestrian Subway

Basal Motif: Woodworking & boat building

Situated at the northern end of the A259 underpass, this waymarker's bronze cast depicts traditional tools of trades associated with the historical trade origins of Emsworth. To find Waymarker 3, travel approximately 200 metres northwards up High Street using the A259 underpass to reach the waymarker on the far side of the roundabout. The many workshops to be found in Emsworth during the 19th century included furniture making, coach building, boot making, tailoring and smithying, to accompany the trade in corn, timber and coal. The core industries of Emsworth's beginnings still existed and there were two large sawmills, a shipbuilding industry as well as companion industries such as rope, fish net, sail and twine making.

The Memorial Garden and Sculpture 'Absence' Horndean Road

Inscription: 'Lest we Forget' and 'We will remember them'

The Memorial Garden and sculpture can be found by travelling northwards up North Street passing under the railway bridge and A27 bridge into Horndean Road. This is approximately 700 metres from Waymarker 3.

Waymarker 4: Horndean Road

Basal Motif: Rope Making

Situated at the junction of Horndean Road and Southleigh Road, this waymarker depicts a coiled rope within the bronze cast. To find Waymarker 4, continue northwards up Horndean Road for approximately 900 metres. The waymarker is on the right hand (east) side of Horndean Road at the junction with Southleigh Road. The rope industry of Emsworth served the Portsmouth Dockyard. Rope-walks consisted of a 'twisting machine,' carrying several revolving hooks and a 'sledge,' with one fixed hook. Groups of yarns ran between these two sets of hooks which could be up to 300 metres apart. The revolving hooks were turned either by hand or by a small motor, twisting the yarns together to form a strand.

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